by Jeff Semple

My week at SonScape was full of moments with my wife and with God. I discovered how badly I had been treating myself. I heard God speak to me on the hiking trail, in the sessions, and on the “incline.” He said, “Do you know who you are? You are my child!” The self discovery and soul care I have experienced is only described as supernatural. I am not the same. My wife and I came here as two broken/defeated people. We are leaving with new hope, belief, and are more deeply aware of God’s love. God gets all the glory. And SonScape is the vessel He used to reveal His love to me. Thank you!

“We are made for God, and nothing less will really satisfy us.” – Abba’s Child by Brennan Manning


by Heather Semple

“Aha” moments – so, so many . . . but the core moment was an owning of the truth – I cannot ATTAIN God’s presence. I can EXPERIENCE God’s presence. And . . . He loves me . . . no matter what I do or don’t do.