by Michael Grant

Friends, all I can say is that my desire this week was to reconnect with the Lord and to re-orient my third culture and wounded missionary heart. Before my week here with my wife, I had hit a very high wall. I felt like I had messed up so badly and my spiritual life in the tank that I felt my spiritual compass was broken for good. Quickly after arriving and meeting the leaders, I sensed God was doing something special for Katherine and me. My expectation was energized during our first evening together, all in a small group setting. There, as I listened, I learned I was not alone in my situation. I knew I was in a safe place. The Lord was honored at every moment during our time together. Our leaders were so knowledgeable yet humble in their encouragement and sharing their life experiences.

This week I needed a pastor and the Lord answered my prayers. I was able to hear what the Lord thinks about me through Psalm 51 as I sat alone near the lake one morning. I read how God loves his children. His forgiveness, love, and mercy are the very truths I needed to reignite in my heart again. As a result, my joy and heart have been restored with confidence. I know my wife will begin to benefit from my realigned heart with the Lord. I look forward to the next 25 years with my wife together as we navigate through the joys and pains of marriage.

The prayers of many thousands of people have been answered for us this week. I understand my relationship with my wife better than I have in the last three years. I want to work harder than ever on serving and discipling my wife and growing in the Lord together. I thank the Lord for SonScape and the staff for pouring out their life to us. I will be back with my wife for 2.0 in Colorado some day.


by Katherine Grant

This week gave my husband and I the chance to have a “pastor family” that ministered to us. After 12 years serving in Asia, we have emptied out and felt isolated and alone. We were blessed beyond words to meet God in the beauty of nature, to be treated like royalty with wonderful meals and accommodations. There are no words to express our gratitude. The devotions and teachings really helped remind us of who we were in Christ and how Christ viewed us. Having a safe place to share the pains we have experienced knowing we were not alone gave us hope and encouragement. Having time alone as a couple to reflect and encourage and renew our commitment to one another was a gift beyond expression. Thank you, SonScape, for providing a ministry to missionaries and pastors. This week has and is changing our life.