by Greg Baker

I have spent years listening to negative self talk and feeling as if there was something wrong with who I was in ministry. This week helped me discover my true self and how God specifically shaped me for what He has called me to . . . no more negative talk and listening to other voices except His. This week was full of needed rest, needed fun, needed time with God. My ministry, my marriage, and my perspective will never be the same.


by Kelly Baker

We came to SonScape weary, exhausted, and empty. We loved Jesus, loved our church, loved ministry but just felt so tired and overwhelmed by years and years of busyness. A personal loss had pushed us close to the edge of total exhaustion. At SonScape we learned of our desperate need to connect with Jesus daily and began to practice a real Sabbath rest each week. We also learned more about ourselves and our strengths and weaknesses . . . how our unique personalities are gifts from God, not a curse! We are determined to go home and apply all this and live a dramatically different life! We feel rested, renewed, encouraged, and hopeful!