by Barbara Magnuson

Larry and I went down to Colorado Springs to do a little shopping at Costco a few days ago. It was a beautiful, sunny, relatively warm day up on the mountain where we live. But as we drove down, we entered a thick cloud of fog. No blue sky, no sun, and much cooler temperatures. The drive was not pleasant nor beautiful nor life giving. In fact there was a heaviness that settled over me as a result. It made me think about life. Do you sometimes feel your life is in a fog? Some event, some unpleasant word, some hurt, some unfairness happened. Maybe you were the cause, maybe something out of your control caused the fog.

From the very creation event, God made it clear that times and places to break free of the fog of life were crucial parts of healthy living. Sabbath rest, places of nature – deserts, seashores, mountain tops –  were designed to restore life and break free of the fog.

Every week at SonScape we watch as couples and singles step out of the fog and into the light and warmth of God’s love. The life change that occurs is nothing less than amazing. But all of us need those times and places. To neglect them is to let the fog overwhelm and dominate us.

Listen again to the words of Jesus in Mark 6:30-31 (The Message) . . .

Jesus said (to His disciplies), “Come off by yourselves; let’s take a break and get a little rest.” For there was constant coming and going. They didn’t even have time to eat.

This is a season to step away from the fog and give thanks.  The more I live a radically thankful life the more the fog breaks and the SON shines.