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In 2015 SonScape Retreats launched the international arm of our ministry under the leadership of Rob and Shini Abraham. Starting with Latin America, retreats have been held in Colombia and Argentina for pastors and missionaries serving in various spheres of influence such as children’s ministry, business, sports, theater & arts etc. Latin America is now the largest missionary sending continent, and doors have since opened for annual return trips to Colombia and Argentina for regular retreats and multiplication.

What is a retreat like?

What Our Retreat Participants are Saying ...

“It was a time of deep transformation for us. We could barely stand when we came to the retreat last year because we were so beat up. We thank God for showing us the way forward and for encouraging us to stay in ministry.”

“I understood my struggle with depression and was able to make decisions that have helped bring real change in my life. It was helpful to see that I am not alone, that many in missions struggle with depression and anxiety, that God is always able to provide fully for us in the midst of our challenges.”

“Our marriage had faced difficult challenges and we were broken. The retreat was a time for us to recommit to one another and to get past some barriers that were preventing us in moving forward. We now serve from a place of better health and want to multiply health in all that we do.”

“We came to the retreat with plans to give up on ministry but left strengthened and encouraged to continue in our calling.”

“In working with severely wounded people, I had ignored my own wounds over the years and was actually multiplying a lack of trust, bitterness, and control in the work I did! Wow – God showed me this so clearly and helped me change the direction of my life. It was not easy but I was able to face my pain and confront my issues. I am grateful for the week!

“Thank you for investing so much in Latin America! We often feel like we’re alone, isolated, forgotten by the rest of the world. Your deep love and care brought us much encouragement, affirmation and hope.”

International Retreat Leaders

Rob and Shini Abraham

Since efforts started in Latin America, Rob and Shini have focused much of their efforts on the several, often “forgotten missionaries” that God is raising up in South America. Imagine this; in our first retreat in Argentina, they got to serve missionaries from as far as New Caledonia and Australia, as well as missionaries from various South American nations who are based in Argentina but work in initiatives that reach unreached people in remote parts of India, China and Albania!

We are privileged that these international retreats have reached cross-cultural workers who represent over 25 nationalities already. Many of these missionaries have little if any support systems, resources, and soul-care training opportunities in their nations. We are very excited to send the loving care and encouragement of SonScape Retreats to people who so desperately need to know someone cares!

Latin American Retreat Leaders

Hernán & Mariela Arango (Colombia)

Hernán and Mariela serve as senior pastors at Fountain of Life Church in Medellin, Colombia. They bring 17 years of ministry experience as they serve as facilitators in our Spanish retreats.

They attended a SonScape retreat in 2015 when stress and burdens of ministry had brought them to the point of burnout. They accepted God’s invitation into Sabbath rest and experienced firsthand then deep transformation that happens during our retreats. They always had a passion to serve pastors and missionaries so when they were invited to be on SonScape’s Latin American team, it was a natural step in the direction God had already been showing them.

Hernán has a Bachelor’s degree in Religious Sciences and is finishing his studies in theology.  Mariela is a psychologist in the Luis Amigó University Foundation.

Félix & Yury Méndez (Cuba and Colombia)

Félix and Yury are directors of a YWAM base in Pereira, Colombia. They have discipled 100+ people and have sent over 20 missionary teams to 9 nations since 2011. They bring a wealth of ministry and cross-cultural experience to our retreats in Colombia and beyond.

Their blended ministry calling is two-fold: to restore young people ti find their purpose in God and to develop emerging leaders to model Jesus in their families and spheres of society. At a SonScape retreat, they experienced freedom in fully embracing who God created them to be and committed to celebrating their differences and strengths. They learned healthy ways to deal with losses and betrayals so they can multiply health in those they are called to shepherd. They deeply desire to enable pastors, missionaries, and Christian leaders in the Spanish-speaking world to have such times of purposeful rest, renewal, and transformation through a SonScape retreat.

Félix is a graduate of International Journalism of the State Institute of International Relations in Moscow. Yury has completed counseling and leadership training and is gifted in administration.

What a retreat is like

Your week includes:

Quiet mornings with God . . .

Intriguing group discussions . . .

Afternoons for fun & play . . .

Personal times with Leaders . . .

Evenings for rest & recreation . . .


Delicious meals . . .


/Discussion Topics

Intimacy with Jesus

Amid the pace and pressures of ministry has your personal intimacy with Jesus begun to wane? Regain your first love and keep your spiritual life alive and vibrant!

Living as “You” in Ministry

Has ministry robbed you of your personality and passions? Rediscover the person God created you to be – and live passionately as that person!

Wounds and Losses

Are the wounds and losses from your past weighing heavy on your life and ministry? The calling to ministry is a calling full of wounds and losses – let God heal and set you free!

Biblical Ministry

Is your ministry based on biblical principles? Sound like a silly question? Rediscover the truth about your calling and who you really serve.


Sabbath Rest

Do you enjoy the rich benefits of Sabbath rest? One of the secrets to a long, effective ministry lies in the biblical principle of Sabbath rest. Learn to come away with Jesus to a quiet place and get some rest!


Audience of One

Who is your audience? Really? Learn to hear the One Voice amid the many voices demanding your time and attention. Renew your ministry by taking time to “Be still and know that I am God.”



Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be shared with the other couples/singles in your retreat. Many of our guests say their group time around the table was among the most meaningful parts of their week at a SonScape Retreat. However, if you need to, there is plenty of freedom to sit at a table alone with your spouse.


Rest, Reflection, and Play

Opportunity for recreation and renewal will vary between retreat locations but wherever your retreat is held, there will be plenty of time for rest and play. Hiking, fishing, shopping, sightseeing, resting, sunbathing, swimming, using a sauna or a Turkish bath, or relaxing by the pool, playing tennis or pingpong or basketball – these are examples of some of the things you can expect to enjoy during your week away.


Personal Times with Retreat Leaders

You will enjoy personal time with your retreat leaders three times during your week. They have a deep passion for ministry couples/singles and love to share personally with those who attend retreats. These sessions are safe, private and confidential – allowing you to talk through your personal issues. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and the Taylor Johnson Temperament Assessment are used during these sessions to help identify areas of need and concern.


Sabbath Rest

Day 6 of your retreat is designated for Sabbath rest. As couples or singles you will enjoy a full day to experience the things discussed during the week – rest, silence and solitude, reflection, prayer, and play. The day will end with dinner together as a group followed by communion and worship.

What our guests look like after they've attended a retreat. They've found their JOY again!

Upcoming Retreats

• 2018 Dates TBD : Buenos Aires, Argentina
• Oct. 7-14, 2018 : Pereira, Colombia
• Oct. 17-24, 2018 : Pereira, Colombia
• 2018 Dates TBD

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