by Carol Wunder


My husband and I were exhausted this spring . . . overworked, two family deaths, years of compounded hurts and wounds. We decided we really needed to get away. We tried to find a cruise. Nothing was available during our time frame. We tried to find someone who had a cabin somewhere, to no avail. Having heard about retreat centers for Christian workers, we started searching the internet. SonScape’s location suited our schedule perfectly. Most of what we needed to know we found on their site. Their retreat coordinator, Vicki, was very helpful with providing the remaining info.

When we arrived at the retreat center, we were greeted in the parking lot by the hosts. From the moment we arrived, we were pampered and thoroughly cared for! The content at our morning sessions was excellent . . . full of truth and grace for people who need encouragement and refreshment. I learned more about myself, how God has “wired” me, understand more clearly my need for rest and sabbath, and left more refreshed and convinced I must attend to me . . . no one else can! Larry and Barbara excelled at communicating to us. Things I had heard many times before were made clearer and gelled for me. They used many word pictures, metaphors, and objects to illustrate truth, helping to clarify. I am very grateful to them! The grounds are beautiful . . . many hiking paths and places for silence, solitude, and quiet reflection.

All in all, if you are tired, hurting, overworked, and in need of refocusing on the Lord and your call, then I highly recommend SonScape.