by Curtis Isaacson

I marvel that as pastors we can proclaim to and believe about others an identity in Christ we ourselves have unknowingly let Satan blind us to . . . we love others but hate ourself . . . we work for Jesus instead of resting in Him . . . we burn out, not on . . . we substitute fruitfulness for faithfulness . . . we attribute sovereignty to our events and our past, not the God who is . . . we give up on rest, play, laughter, and community. What God is able to lead you into here at SonScape is not necessarily what is expected, but what is needed. There is a beautiful and rare balance here of space in community, freedom in restriction, hope in the “diagnosis”, and rest in the play. I wish all of my co-laborers could experience this for themselves . . . truthfully, stranger things have happened! May God continue to uphold the ministry and ministers as SonScape! I look forward to celebrating its legacy and impact from eternity’s perspective.


by Megan Isaacson

Our time spent at SonScape has been nothing shy of a miracle. A haven where we were led gently to rest, renew, abide in His grace, and as a couple experience Sabbath and quiet adoration of our Creator. Our time here with our pastoral counselors brought us hope, joy, laughter, and healing after enduring a very harsh season in ministry. As a couple and individually, we are leaving with our hearts full of joy and our toolbelts full of resources, tips, and techniques that are clear takeaways for us. Our time spent in community with our ministry team and the other couples (brought together by our mutual experiences and trials in ministry) was so God ordained. We are leaving so intertwined as friends, including our counseling pastors and our gracious host couple. We grew together as we worked through our mutual pain. We cried together, we trekked and fished together, ate together, prayed together, and healed together. The Lord has done a miraculous work among us by bringing us here together to receive His grace poured out through this beautiful ministry, the wisdom and grace of our counselor pastor couple, the gracious and joy-filled hospitality of our host couple, and the immensely beautiful and quiet surroundings of SonScape.