by Richard Marsden

This retreat was a last resort for me. After 25 years of ordained ministry, 20 of which in the same parish, I felt abandoned by God, disenchanted with ministry, and on the verge of quitting; I was angry and discouraged. Life and ministry felt to me like trying to get to a known destination on a map, but I didn’t know where I was on that map and my compass was broken. I spent energy not knowing if I was getting to where I wanted to be. From the very first presentation I began to see how the dots in my life and ministry were or were not connecting. I began to make sense of my emotions and attitudes as I came to understand who I really was and what God has called me to. Through the presentations and the one-on-one sessions, I have begun the process of reorienting my life and ministry to get me to where God wants me and accomplish only what He wants me to. This week’s experience has brought me closer to my wife, closer to my Lord, and has given me a new perspective and orientation on my life and my ministry. We are looking foward to seeing what God has for us.


by Gail Marsden

Rick and I came to SonScape after 25 years in church ministry. My husband was in burnout. He felt disillusioned, hurt, and feeling like God abandoned him. As his wife, I hurt for him. I could see what was happening and felt helpless. We came away for a week on the mountain hoping for wisdom, guidance, and renewal. Through SonScape we now have great hope for the future. Experiencing the teaching, counseling, and lots of free time to listen and rest, God has met us and equipped us with new tools and a renewed spirit! Thank you, SonScape.